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Throughout these pages you will find all sorts of information and recommendations. There is some interesting stuff on the history of wood fires and some great tips. You will find the services that we offer and some of our products including an ever changing range of second hand heaters, cookers and parts. The content has come from personal experience, other websites and books.


Wood as fuel

Wood, man's first fuel, is actually stored solar energy. A tree's leaves function as tiny solar collectors to harness sunlight which the tree uses to convert water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients into organic matter, wood. One has but to light a match to release this stored solar energy. Since the dawn of human history, man has attempted to improve the means by which he converted wood's stored energy into useful energy for heating and cooking, but his efforts got sidetracked by the advent of more efficient heating devices that use fossil fuels and electricity. As a result, little technological progress has been made in wood-burning until quite recently. Today, the interest in wood fuel as an economically feasible alternative to conventional home heating is fostering the development of more efficient woodburners.